Free shipping on all domestic orders with coupon code “Watches2018”


Free shipping on all domestic orders with coupon code “Watches2018”

About Us

Welcome to SM Jewels

Sant Ram Mangat Ram Jewellers Pvt. Ltd., a trusted name in the jewellery business. Jewellery from the house of SM not only exudes elegance and precision, but is durable as well and can easily pass the test of time. SM is at the forefront of jewellery houses in India and is renowned for its hallmarked and exquisite jewellery collection. Founded in the year 1900, SM has come a long way and has a strong presence in the jewellery industry due to its commitment in providing the best design, quality and impeccable service to every customer.

Our business has grown immensely under the leadership of Mr. Mahesh K Jain. We are amongst the leading manufacturers and retailers of quality jewellery with specialization in studded jewellery and bringing together India’s finest artisan work under one roof. We have also had the honour of being the first in the State to opt for the hallmarking scheme in 1999.

SM offers an exclusive range of classic creations as well as the latest trends catering specifically to meet the demands of an

ever-growing and increasing customer base. SM takes pride in combining the old world concepts and modern designs in their exquisite pieces created by experts. The pieces are conceptualized using advanced technical know-how to concentrate on fine quality products for its customers. The numerous choices available showcase the best-in-class jewellery that appeals to the ever-changing taste of its valued customers which makes it a celebrated brand today. A combination of a committed support team and the latest production unit allows us to maintain a personal bond with the customers by delivering immaculate quality standards and services. SM also caters to large corporate houses, by manufacturing gold coins, etc. as per their specification and design, for their promotional and incentive schemes.

SM is a one stop destination for all jewellery needs for every occasion. Our clientele know for a fact that “SM will never sell what they would never buy”.

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